Jun 5, 2012

Quick Update Before I Find Something Else To Distract Me!

Things have been awesomely busy around here lately. The weather has been mostly awesome which means a lot of time spent outside. Here's what's new.

1. Brandon and I joined the slow-pitch league. We play twice a week with the occasional practice. I'm a little obsessed and always excited about playing.

2. I haven't been running because I buggered up my right foot and anything more than a quick sprint becomes pretty painful. I probably shouldn't even play slow-pitch, but I'd likely go nuts if I wasn't doing something active.
3. Our yard is starting to come together! The dandelions on the front lawn are unsightly, but we'll be taking care of them this week/end. Brandon also got a few truck loads of dirt to help level the back yard out and then seeded it. Lots of work still to be done, but completely worth it!

4. We finally had our first backyard fire in our fire pit. It was maybe a little too hot out for a fire, so we didn't sit by it as long as we might have liked.

5. Good weather also means geocaching adventures! Since we've found all the local caches, we have to drive at least an hour for new ones. So last Saturday we got 13 while taking some back roads to One Island Lake. Found some really beautiful spots that we're planning to explore further. Might even be camping at one of them this weekend!

6. We've been re-watching the original Star Wars movies. Awesome, they are!

I'm sure a lot of other stuff has happened. But of course I've waited too long to blog and I've now forgotten well over half of everything else I was planning on sharing. But that is the way of things I suppose. 

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Mrs. Wilson said...

Looks great! Glad your yard is coming together. :)